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Updated: May 20, 2024



There is a competitive Republican Primary in progress. Voters need to be reintroduced to Caraveo and understand that she grew up in a working-class Adams County family and served our community as a pediatrician and state legislator before being elected to Congress. Caraveo has never been afraid to stand up to special interests or party leaders to do what is right, and lower costs, for middle- and working-class Coloradans.



Across the district, voters need to learn about:


As a doctor serving our community, Yadira Caraveo saw firsthand the impacts of skyrocketing drug costs on her patients.


That’s why, in the state legislature, she took on the drug companies to force them to reduce prices on many drugs and create a first-in-the-nation cap on the cost of insulin.


And that’s why, In Congress, she’s fighting to allow Medicare to negotiate lower prices on more drugs and leading the bipartisan charge to increase transparency into hospital prices.

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