Federal Elected Officials

  • Rep. Cheri Bustos (IL-17)

  • Rep. Katie Porter (CA-45)

  • Rep. Kim Schrier (WA-08)

Colorado Elected Officials

  • State Sen. and Senate Majority Whip Jeff Bridges (SD-26)

  • State Sen. Janet Buckner (SD-28)

  • State Sen. Jessie Danielson (SD-20)

  • Colorado Senate President Sen. Fenberg (SD-18)

  • State Sen. Julie Gonzales (SD-34)

  • State Sen. Chris Hansen (SD-31)

  • State Sen. Sonya Jaquez-Lewis (SD-17)

  • State Sen. Brittany Pettersen (SD-22)

  • State Sen. Faith Winter (SD-24)

  • Former State Sen. Irene Aguilar (SD-32)

  • State Rep. Judy Amabile (HD-13)

  • State Rep. Tracey Bernett (HD-12)

  • State Rep. Andy Boesenecker (HD-53)

  • State Rep. Lindsay Daugherty (HD-29)

  • State Rep. and House Majority Co-Whip Monica Duran

  • State Rep. and House Majority Leader Daneya Esgar (HD46)

  • State Rep. Tony Exum (HD-17)

  • State Rep. Meg Froelich (HD-03)

  • Colorado Speaker of the House Rep. Alec Garnett (HD-02)

  • State Rep. Matthew Gray (HD-33)

  • State Rep. Iman Jodeh (HD-41)

  • State Rep. Chris Kennedy (HD-23)

  • State Rep. Cathy Kipp (HD-52)

  • State Rep. Susan Lontine (HD-01)

  • State Rep. and House Joint Budget Committee Chair Julie

  • McCluskie (HD-62)

  • State Rep. Karen McCormick (HD-11)

  • Former State Rep. Anne McGihon

  • State Rep. Barbara McLachlan (HD-59)

  • State Rep. Kyle Mullica (HD-34)

  • State Rep. David Ortiz (HD-38)

  • State Rep. Dylan Roberts (HD-26)

  • State Rep. Emily Sirota (HD-09)

  • State Rep. Marc Snyder (HD-18)

  • State Rep. Kerry Tipper (HD-28)

  • State Rep. Brianna Titone (HD-27)

  • State Rep. Mike Weissman (HD-36)

  • State Rep. Steven Woodrow (HD-06)

  • State Rep. Mary Young (HD-50)

  • Fort Collins Mayor Jeni Arndt

  • Thornton City Councilmember Julia Marvin

  • Denver City Councilwoman Deborah Ortega (At-Large)

  • Adams County Commissioner Emma Pinter

  • Northglenn Mayor Pro Tem and City Councilmember Jenny Willford (Ward 4)